Partners and sponsors support Midland's youth

Creating a partnership with Big Brothers Big Sisters benefits Midland’s most important asset – our children.  Successful partnerships with businesses, foundations, and organizations are fundamental to providing mentoring relationships for all children who need and want them, contributing to brighter futures, better schools, and a stronger community for all.

Partners and sponsors support our mission and vision in a variety of ways:

  • Employee-centric volunteer partnerships
  • High-impact cause-related marketing relationships
  • Foundational philanthropic gifts that drive growth


Partnership Advantages

There are many advantages to partnership with BBBS. You can:

  • Build awareness of your company's commitment to the community: Express your mission internally and externally by promoting volunteerism and community service while supporting youth development.
  • Partner with a nationally recognized brand: In a national survey more than 80 percent of people recognized the name Big Brothers Big Sisters.  Our brand is associated with integrity and professionalism.
  • Increase consumer confidence: Eight in 10 Americans report having a more positive image of companies who support a cause they care about. Two-thirds of Americans say they would be likely to switch brands or retailers to one associated with a good cause.
  • Engage employees in community service: Corporate volunteerism builds employee morale and pride and increases your company's visibility in the community.
  • Gain exposure to potential customers: BBBS is a national organization with significant reach - there are 2,500,000 loyal and motivated alumni who are consumers and decision-makers.

BBBS also has strong media relations and marketing infrastructure.
Our experienced community relations and public relations team will work with you to publicize your role in positively impacting children's lives.

cause-marketing relationship unites your company’s charitable giving with the most well-known and well-respected name in youth mentoring.1

Protecting and providing a better future for America's children remain the public's top priorities.2

Read about the strategic and effective ways our current corporate cause-marketing sponsors invest in their communities. Our generous corporate sponsors support Big Brothers Big Sisters philanthropically in a variety of creative ways that tie our recognized name with their brand. With more than 440 local agencies across the country, we have an active network in place to support programs and promotions custom-designed to fit our partners’ goals.

Big Brothers Big Sisters would like to acknowledge our generous corporate sponsors whose support helps us to match children with Big Brothers and Big Sisters, contributing to better futures and better communities for all.

Volunteer partnerships with Big Brothers Big Sisters provide the opportunity for employees or members of your organization to volunteer in the community in a meaningful way while building teamwork and employee engagement.

Grants - from foundations and corporations support tremendous organization-wide growth in the number of Midland children served. Major investments from foundations have enabled Big Brothers Big Sisters to be a pioneer in promoting volunteerism and developing new ways to reach at-risk youth.

If you would like to learn more about how your foundation can support the growth of Big Brothers Big Sisters, please contact Kay Crites, Executive Director, at or 432-687-0195.

We are grateful to the following foundations and philanthropic supporters:

Community partners  -
enhance our services in Midland (see below).

Government partners -
support our mission with necessary grants and fundamental initiatives.
The following government partners support our mission with necessary grants and fundamental policy initiatives.

Email Kay Crites to inquire about becoming:

  • a cause-marketing sponsor, email
  • a volunteer partner, email
  • a foundation or corporate philanthropy donor, email
  • a community or government partner, email

By giving to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Midland, Benefactors benefit Midland’s most important asset, our children.

Proven cause, sound investment

Big Brothers Big Sisters is a well-respected brand with a sterling reputation and proven results.  Forbes named Big Brothers Big Sisters to its Gold Star List as one of the America’s ten best nonprofit organizations.

Partner in providing hope

Major investments from Benefactors have enabled Big Brothers Big Sisters to be a pioneer in promoting volunteerism and developing new ways to reach young people who need our services the most.

Learn more about the benefits of becoming a philanthropic corporate or foundational partner or contact Kay Crites, Executive Director, at or 432-687-0195.

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